life and times of a lazy cook

figuring out life and my way around the kitchen, one misadventure at a time.


i’m just a simple, single girl trying to conquer the kitchen, my waistline and the craziness called life one misadventure at a time.

i’m in my first year of grad school in milwaukee, and while i blog mostly about food and health etc., some of that pesky life stuff sneaks in.

i love reading, silly sitcoms, history, teddy bears, cheese, chocolate, carbs of all shapes and sizes, running, laughing and cooking for myself and (even better) others!

i strive to live a healthy, happy balanced life with a focus on eating non-processed, whole foods. michael pollan is kind of my hero.

while i’m not exactly where i’d to be body- and fitness-wise, i’ve come a long way and am very proud of my progress.


One thought on “About

  1. I love that you are proud of your progress! I always figure a big dose of self-worth to be an essential ingredient to good health. Looking forward to your updates 🙂

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